Jul 13, 2011

⊹⊱✿Trailer✿⊰⊹ The "Nova Zembla"

The "Nova Zembla"

"Doutzen is a sensation as an actress "

She is not only incredibly beautiful but they can also very good acting. Or so says director Reinout Oerlemans about Doutzen Kroes, who plays a role in his latest film. 'Doutzen is a sensation. She has style and class. I think people will be surprised if her as an actress in action soon shall see. "

Doutzen is a natural. You see how well she absorbs things and reacts to her opponents. I hope they got a taste for, "goes the song of Oerlemans further. Oerlemans and Kroes work only one week together and she is very excited. 's no coincidence the Friesian model plays in the epic Nova Zembla a small but very important role. "This tastes like more." She got the role was a twist of fate. "I was very impressed with A Woman Doctor that I saw on DVD. In an accompanying documentary I saw Reinout to work. I found that fascinating. A few weeks later I received a call this part of Nova Zembla. That can hardly call it coincidence, "explains Doutzen. Modest about her modest share them. "It's not great, but an important role. Gerry, the protagonist, who starts for my character's journey, partly to respect my father to win. It's a sort of Romeo and Juliet story. " The supermodel hopes to act in the future more and more to boot combining her work as a model. "I always had ambitions to be careful to act. I have classes in New York followed. But I did not immediately lead. For me this is a modest beginning in a large Dutch manufacturing. I expect a lot from it. The first images were superb. " Novaya Zemlya is on November 24 in about one hundred cinemas premiered.

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