Apr 13, 2011

⊹⊱✿News✿⊰⊹ Supermodel in space! Dance4Life ambassador Doutzen Kroes shoots for the stars!


Supermodel in space! dance4life ambassador Doutzen Kroes shoots for the stars!

In 2014, the first Dutch commercial flight to space will have some VERY special passengers - including dance4life ambassador Doutzen Kroes!
Erica Terpstra, member of the dance4life advisory board, will also be one of the pioneering astronauts!
Furthermore, Space Expedition Curaçao (SXC) have announced that one very special ticket will be donated to dance4life. This golden ticket will be auctioned during an exclusive friends4life dinner that will take place prior to Sensation in the Amsterdam Arena on July 2nd.

The first 100 commercial flights into space will take place in 2014, with a group of 'Founder Astronauts' being personally invited to get on board. The first 15 ‘Founder Astronauts’ include some famous names : besides Doutzen and Erica, Armin van Buuren (DJ) and Martin Schröder (founder Martinair) will be taking to the sky (and beyond!)

Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes says,
“My work has literally brought me to the most beatiful places on earth. But apparently nothing is as beautiful as the view of the earth from space. Astronauts who have been lucky enough to have had that experience, say it is life changing. I cannot wait to go, and I am also proud that SXC has made one extra ticket available for dance4life” .

Eveline Aendekerk, director of dance4life international “We are extremely honoured that we can auction a ticket for the first commercial flight into space. With the money raised, thousands of young people will be able to take part in our schools programme, receiving the correct information and skills to be able to protect themselves against HIV and AIDS'

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