Mar 3, 2011

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The Scoop Behind Galliano’s Shocking Video!

(PARIS) With the fashion industry reeling by John Galliano’s dismissal from Christian Dior over alleged racist and anti-Semitic remarks, the story behind the video sold to the U.K. newspaper The Sun, featuring Galliano’s statements about Hitler, has finally surfaced.

Philippe Checinski, founder of the paparazzi broker company CitizenSide spoke to the French radio station Europe1 yesterday, explaining, “a contributor sent us the video. As soon as we received it we knew it was a big deal.” The video was originally filmed in December 2010 at La Perle; it was only after the charges were filed against Galliano did the owner try to sell the content.

Checinski explained that all their offers to French media outlets were turned down, he believes, because the price was too high, his contacts did not want to risk their advertising budgets with Dior, and fears of potential infringement on French privacy laws. At that point Checinski decided to contact the international press, finally selling to The Sun for an undisclosed amount that he could not communicate, adding only, “I can tell you that the contributor is very happy.” The owner of the video stands to receive 65% of the price of all sales in France and 50% of the price all sales internationally.
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