Feb 21, 2011

⊹⊱✿Gymnast✿⊰⊹ Katelyn Ohashi BB WOGA Classic 2011


Standing Arabian (F)
Spilt Jump - Wolf Jump (A+A)
Flic Flac - Flic Flac - Full Twisting Layout (B+B+G) - Connection Bonus 0.2

Switch Ring Leap (E)
Onodi (D)
Front Aerial - Sheep Jump (D+D) - Connection Bonus 0.1

Y Turn (C)
Switch Leap With Half Turn (D)
Round Off - Full Twisting Doubld Pike (B+G)
DV : 6.9

Here's video of Katelyn Ohashi's 15.9 (6.9D) awesome beam set
from the WOGA Classic on Saturday night!
It would have been 7.0D if she connected the two skills after the Onodi.


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