Jan 29, 2011

⊹⊱✿News✿⊰⊹ Doutzen creates a Twitter account for her baby Phyllon

Model : Phyllon Gorré
News from : Modelinia

Doutzen Kroes' chance encounter with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone had a huge impact on her.
The new model mom’s been keeping her fans up to date on her very first son through her Twitter account - but the excited parents decided that just wasn’t enough.
So instead, Sunnery and Doutzen created a seperate Twitter account for Phyllon!
This is the first model offspring we know of to have his own Twitter handle just days after his birth,
but when you think about it - it makes perfect sense.
Considering the sheer number of fake model Twitter accounts there are in the world,
just imagine how many fake model baby accounts there could be!
Way to be social media smart Doutzen!   
Source : Modelinia

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