Jan 29, 2011

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Qatar Airways is awarded world 5-Star Airline rating for 2011

LONDON, UK - 28th January 2011

SKYTRAX today announced that Qatar Airways official Quality rating as a World 5-Star Airline has been confirmed for the 2011 ranking period.

Qatar Airways has been ranked as a world 5-Star Airline since the inception of the official World Airline Star Ranking in 1999, and is one of just seven airlines across the globe to receive this exclusive, top tier recognition of it's front-line Product and Service Quality being delivered to it's customers.

Qatar Airways has orders for 80 Airbus A350s, 60 Boeing 787s and 32 Boeing 777s, with deliveries of the latter having started in November 2007. The airline is one of the customers of the twin-deck Airbus A380 with five on order and scheduled for delivery from 2012, by which time the New Doha International Airport will have opened.

Talking about the award of the 5-Star Airline ranking to Qatar Airways, Edward Plaisted (CEO of Skytrax) said ...
"It is with great pleasure that we again see Qatar Airways ranked as an official world 5-Star Airline, and this underlines the continued product and service excellence that they are delivering to customers. The 5-Star Ranking is not just about premium passengers, where of course Qatar Airways excels, but is predominantly looking at how well the airline serves the large majority of travellers ... those in the Economy cabin. Qatar Airways offer some of the most comfortable Economy class seats in the market today, and this combines with leading Inflight Entertainment standards, top quality onboard catering and great cabin staff service to deliver their 5-Star Airline status."

Qatar Airways currently operates a modern fleet of 94 aircraft from Doha to 95 cities across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, North and South America. The airline is continuing its aggressive expansion plan started in 1997 at the time of its relaunch. It plans to serve 120 key business and leisure destinations worldwide with a fleet of 120 aircraft by 2013.

In January 2011, Qatar Airways launched flights to Budapest, the airline’s 23rd destination in Europe and 97th overall in an expansion drive that has seen Qatar Airways launch 12 new routes over the past 12 months. Six of these have been destinations in Europe and the airline plans a further two new European routes with Brussels and Stuttgart being launched by the end of the current 2010/11 financial year

Source : airlinequality.com

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