Jan 24, 2011

⊹⊱✿Gymnastics✿⊰⊹ Aliya Mustafina (RUS) 2010 Worlds AA FX (NBC)

Arabian double tucked - Stag jump; E+A (connection bonus 0.1)
Triple spin; C
2 1/2 twist - Full twist; D+C (connection bonus 0.1)
Double turn with leg at Head (Memmel); D
Switch leap half; C
Strug; A
1 1/2 twist backwards - 1 1/2 forward; C+C  (connection bonus 0.1)
Triple Twist; E
D Score : 5.8 

Aliya is great !
So classy and graceful.
 I hope Mustafina will win the all-around gold metal at the Summer Olympics in London 2012

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